These puppies will melt your heart! Vote for your fave today!

Attention!  Cute puppy moment!  These little guys and girls will melt your heart.  Besides, with all of the negative news going on today, who doesn’t have time for puppies!


Husky  1.  Husky (This little guy is the first of our puppies and is so cute, what do you think?


dog9 2.  This little guy is laying down on the job.  How do you think he ranks?


dog7 3.  This little guy means business, what do you think?


dog4 4. This little one will melt your heart, this is my personal fave


dog3 5.  Imagine this little face welcoming you home!


dog2 6.  Classic Favorite, what do you think?


dog1 7.  At first glance was not sure if this little guy was real, awesome!


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