Does Donald Trump truly represent the silent majority?

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Interview




The most polarizing political candidate in decades, Donald Trump really knows how to stir a crowd.  From his inciteful comments to his emotionally charged rallies Trump stirs the pot with the best of them.  Trump also champions himself as the true choice for the silent majority.  Really?  To tell you the truth, I am disheartened by all of our political candidates.  The negative discourse, the corruption, and the sophomoric school yard diggs are not what this country needs.  The American people are angry, they are tired of the corruption and the status quo.  But is Trump the answer?  The man said it himself, he donated to many politicians campaigns on both sides of the aisle.  The fact that he donated to others, greased palms, and participated in multiple pay to play schemes makes him one of the same of the established order.  So how does he represent the silent majority?  Those who want true change?  Those who want to be able to pay bills, and live their lives without intrusion from the government.  Trump is a series of soundbytes, and not a lot of substance. I’m waiting to hear from Mr. Trump his plan, straight talk needs straight answers.  We need a visionary, someone who has a true pulse on what is going on in our country and abroad.  I can’t say that Trump is the answer, but I can’t say Hillary is either.  The corruption on both sides of the aisle is disheartening.  I’m hoping that a true candidate immerses to save this country and brings fresh ideas. One can only hope.

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